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Is List Building Still A Good Way To Make Affiliate Product Sales?

Affiliate marketing has evolved over the years in various ways.

One thing that hasn’t changed and is still working is list building.

I’m always amazed at the number of conversations going on in various Internet marketing forums about email list building.

It’s pretty obvious to me that this is a hot topic because people talk about an online every day. It’s also pretty obvious that this continues to work because you cannot go to a website anymore without being asked to join their list.

One common strategy is to use a landing page that offers access to a video talking about the product the affiliate is selling. Rather than just let you watch the video you actually have to provide your name and email address to get access to it.

Initially I found this to be kind of irritating. Now I agree with it 100%.

People need a reason to subscribe to your mailing list. Free ebooks are probably not going to get the job done.

I know in my case I like providing my name and email address in exchange for a free report that offers a blueprint to do something. This is an effective way to build a list in niches such as Internet marketing, home business, or anything where somebody needs to follow a blueprint to make sales.

The basics of list building really has not changed that much in the last 15 years. There are many quality autoresponders you can use such as Aweber to build your email list.

These services are great because you don’t have to worry about storing your prospects name and email address. They are also the easy to use, and anybody can learn how to set up an email campaigns and send out updated mailings to their list.

When you’re doing affiliate marketing people are not always going to buy your products on the first visit to your website. If you don’t capture their name and email address for future follow-up, chances are they will never come back to your site and you will miss out on sales.

In the old days of offline advertising this was known as top of mind awareness advertising, or TOMA. This means you need to consistently advertise your product so you are there when your prospect is ready to buy.

Email list building is the perfect way to do TOMA advertising as long as you keep in touch with your list on a consistent basis. If you’re willing to do this list building is still an excellent way to make affiliate product sales.

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