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Internet Marketing Tools-Do You Even Need A PC?

Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, and PC’s

I am a full time Internet marketer.

I am lucky to be able do that at home since 2006.

In that time I have seen a lot of changes in the tiools we have to do Internet marketing.

Certainly this applies to computers as well.

Right now I am not big on tablets and smartphones. Having been an outside salesman in my previous career I vowed that once I did Internet marketing full-time I would not talk on the telephone.

Because much of my business is spent doing article writing and article marketing I like the 22 inch screen that comes with my Dell Desktop PC.

However, I am getting ready to purchase a tablet. My wife spends a lot of time on her iPhone every day. I can see the advantage of having one, especially if I decide to go after local business marketing more in 2013.

Your own personal choice will come down to the type of business you run. I honestly can see how somebody who outsources most of their business really could do it full time on a smartphone.

With the many things that tablets provide I can also see how somebody could sit in a coffee shop with friends and do a full-time Internet marketing business on that.

There really is no excuse for not making a lot of money online with all the tools you have to constantly monitor and grow your business. You just need to develop a system that works for you, and make an investment in one or more of these tools to build and manage your Internet marketing business.

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