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How Much Are You Making Online Each Month?

I saw an interesting poll over at the Warrior Forum asking this question.

With under 100 responses so far 38% said less then $500 a month.

Almost 22% said over $10,000 a month.

Everyone else falls in between.

The Warrior Forum has over 20,000 active members so I expect many more people to participate. Here are a couple of thoughts.

1. Who cares. Who really cares how much money somebody else is making. What really matters is how much money are you making online each month.

2. Under $500. This confirms what I already knew. Most people make little if any money online every month.

This generally happens because they do not have Internet marketing skills. Most of them are not really working that hard at making money online either.

I wrote about Internet marketing insanity several years ago. This is what most people do online who are pretending to be Internet marketers.

3. Over $10,000. This is great news for everyone who’s never had a month where they make $10,000 or more. You can do it!

This is kind of magic number that propels you to a six-figure income. The key is to do this with some level of consistency.

I suppose anybody can luck out one time, but real successful Internet marketers earn this number and blow way past that if they choose to do.

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