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Good Paid Survey Sites

Good Paid Survey Sites

Good paid survey sites are usually free to join.

Some may require a paid membership.

Do not join those until you have joined a few free sites and make sure you like this kind of work.

So what about the free surveys sites. Are they any good?

Good Paid Survey Sites-Free Sites

When you join a survey site you are going to have access to numerous surveys you can complete for money. Cash Crate is an example of this. InBox Dollars is another example of a free survey site to join.

Companies will pay survey sites money to recruit members to complete opinion surveys. In many cases we are talking about major corporations that have advertising budgets of millions of dollars.

It’s advertising for them to survey people to find out what products they should be bringing to the market place. Not only will you be making money completing paid surveys you will also be helping formulate products that will be in the market in the future. This can be a good feeling to know your opinion is valued.

There are literally thousands of these surveys that need to be completed every day. You can find them just as easy at the free survey sites as you will at the paid ones.

Good Paid Survey Sites-Membership Paid Sites

So why do some sites charge a membership fee?

This is a good question and is worth understanding the difference between sites that cost money to join.

The primary difference is in sites that cost you money to join the owners are finding surveys to complete you may not have access to in the free ones. They are compiling a database, and spending their time to keep it up-to-date.

This takes a tremendous amount of work on their part and they deserve to be paid something for their efforts. Many times how they get compensated in addition to money from the survey companies is to charge a membership fee.

Sometimes it is a monthly fee, an annual fee, or one-time fee. It’s totally up to the owners of that membership site to determine what they want to charge.

If you are new to taking paid surveys you don’t want to join one of these paid programs right away. You are better off to join a handful of the free survey sites and get your feet wet taking a few surveys to see if it’s something you like or not.

This kind of work isn’t for everybody, and you may as well practice and earn a little money without spending any upfront. Then if you find you really like this type of work then join the paid membership programs to get access to more surveys.

Both free sites and sites that cost are good paid survey sites depending on where you are in the process.

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