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Evidence Of Your Future

Do you have anything going on to suggest that your future is going to be better than your past?

I read this in an email from Steve Siebold, the author of “How Rich People Think” …..

“Is there sufficient evidence to suggest your success in the future will exceed the past? Are you taking action to make it happen or just fantasizing about a dream? Decide what you want, what you’re willing to do to get it and go to work. That’s what mental toughness is all about.”

Let me put this in my own words!

We can all sit around and dream about how we hope it will be or we can actually put a plan into place that improves our odds of actually achieving what we dream about.

If you want to read a good blog on the subject of getting the mental toughness it takes to make your dreams happen go to Steve Siebold’s blog:

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