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Does Empower Network Offer Customer Service?

I can not answer this question because I am not a member of Empower Network.

Here is what I am finding as we continue to write a lot blog content for many of their members.

Empower Network has a great blogging system. It is easy to use and it looks very nice. Plus Google likes them which is always good!

They must not encourage direct questions. I am very surprised at the number of our article customers that ask Team-Schuman how to set up their blog, post the articles, set up categories, and so on.

I suspect they offer video training and probably a PDF you can read as well on hows to do these things.

It is kind of amazing the number of people who join Empower Network and buy their products, but do not learn how to use them.

I have been guilty of this in the past myself with some programs I have joined This is often the case for people who work a full time job and then try and do Internet marketing part time.

Anyway get with Empower Network, the person who signed you up, or even their discussion forum if they have one. Go to the people who are making money with EN to learn how to make money yourself :-)

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