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Can You Become Wildly Rich by Completing Online Paid Surveys ?

online paid surveysThe answer of course is a resounding NO !!

And if anyone tells you differently then turn the other way and run as fast as you can. ;)

Why ?

Because there is no possible way in becoming wealthy with paid surveys but some people will try to scam you and say otherwise.

Now if you want to earn a few hundred dollars or even up to a thousand or more per month you are thinking with more realistic expectations. It can be very rewarding and just like anything in Life it takes some time and work. In other wards, you get what you put in !

I will warn you that most of the paid surveys sites out there are rubbish and do not pay squat or anything for that matter. They are pretty much a waste of time. But there a few that I personally made money with that are quite legit. So if anyone tells you that all paid surveys are a scam then they are strongly mistaken.

Here are three really good reasons why paid surveys could be a right fit for you :

1. Mobility and Flexibility - We used to live in a town in the desert right outside of Palm Springs called La Quinta,Ca. We had a little desert bungalow amongst the mountains there.

I can remember in mid January when it was 80 degree I would go out with my Computer and sit by the pool with the scenic views and spend hours doing surveys. It was really cool. And that is one good thing about taking paid surveys is you can do them at anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection so you are not limited to just it being an ‘at home business’ per say.

2. Good Part Time Money- I participated in a type of paid survey where it involved a focus group. A group of us were online at once and it was live.

And in this case we had a moderator who asked us questions in general about cell phones and then got more specific later in the survey about what phones we had or had used in the past. It took just over an hour ,and I got $100 for it with a check in the mail a week later.

Sweet ! :)

This definitely will not be the case very often. But if you continue doing surveys over a period of time you will occasionally run into these. I’d say regularly I got from $1 to $15 per survey. Sometimes it might take a little more time to complete the higher paying surveys. I usually averaged around $200 to $300 per month with surveys which really helped our family out immensely.

So if you want to make a car payment or buy some groceries for the week/month or even help with a Mortgage, paid surveys could definitely be for you.

3. A Good Variety of Different Survey Companies to Choose from - Like I said earlier ,there are only a handful of survey companies you should join.I tested probably close to 100 to find these!

Some of the ones I had good luck with were Pine Cone Research, Global Test Marketing, Light Speed Research, Survey Savvy, Survey Spot, Opinion Outpost . I got paid by these survey companies regularly and reliably. Two other different type of survey companies I love are called CashCrate and FusionCash.

Now technically these are referred to as GPT (get paid to ) sites. With these you can fill out daily surveys and also complete free offers to make money. On top of all this, you can make money with their referral system which can be very lucrative.

There are Members at these GPT sites that make up to $1,000 a month (with some work and time).

It is a great way to add to your conventional survey income. Finally, there are surveys like the one I mentioned in the last section above ; Focus groups. The Focus Groups you can find online with Google ,and if you are patient enough and do your due diligence you will qualify for their panel and be rewarded in doing so. Also other forms include telephone surveys and college implemented surveys. I know I was part of Vanderbilt University’s Survey panel for awhile and those can pay out handsomely.

Anyway, I hope some of this information has helped you out and given you insight to the survey world. You will not make major money with online surveys and you will not qualify for every survey, but unlike what some folks may say you can make some money that can supplement your income and help you out financially in many ways. To me it has been worth the time. No question ! Try it for yourselves and see .

Also, I did forget to mention that doing surveys can lead to other ‘at home businesses’ on the web. Blogging is one field you can pursue once you have developed yourself and proven that you can make money with surveys. Blogging can be really rewarding if monetized correctly. So check it out.

Finally, I want to close with this…..kind of a caveat emptor ( buyer beware). If anyone tries to ever get you to pay for a list of survey companies just say no and and head for the exit. There is absolutely no need to pay for any list of any survey companies as they are totally accessible for free.

Robert Andrew owns and operates a popular 5 year old Business Blog where he discusses and shows the many ways you can make free money online from your home with little or no start up cost !



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